a. Hopper

b. Conveyor ( Belt & Chain )

c. Rotary Screen ( Culung )

d. Washer

e. Chopper

f. Rasper & / Debarking

g. Connection Screw

h. Extractor

i. Belt Press

j. Screw Press

h. Hydro Cyclone

i. Centrifuge / Dewatering

j. Thermal Oil Heater / TOH ( Gas & Diesel Fuel )

k. Heat Exchanger

l. Driying System

m. Bagging &  Auto Weighing

n. Sieveter / Gravity Screen

o. Pump

p. Boiler

q. GenSet

r. Tanki

s. Unloading Truck,



Welcome to ASINDOTECH official website

Introducing we are, ASINDOTECH which many years of experience had proven can provide the technology and equipment with the specification highest quality, higher yields and lower energy consumption.

Our commitment is :

  1. High Quality
  2. Higher Yields
  3. Lower Energy Consumption
    will make increase your profit business with the optimalize process and cost reduction

ASINDO TECH is dedicated to provide total solution for customers, especially :

  1. From Starch processing industry to latest technology from waste to energy
    ( see on the product page=> Tapioca Industry Scheme )
  2. From Small Scale Economic Line / Plant to Big Scale Modern Fully Automatic Factory
  3. Electrical Control System ( Control Panel, etc )
  4. Scherrer Thermal Oil Heater ( with Gas feeding )
  5. Kreetek Centrifuge
  6. LM pump ( for slurry, pulp, etc )
  7. Renewable Energy ( Waste Water Bio Gas, Landfill Bio Gas ,etc )
    ( from Waste To Energy ===> Waste To Pure Bio Gas / Electricity )




Finally, Asindo Renewable Energy ( ARE ) as a AsindoTech subsidiary can finish the Waste Water BIOGAS Project to Electricity in Central Lampung INDONESIA Our Client is Tapioca Starch Factory which want to utilize and optimalize the Waste Water and Waste Wet Cake "Onggok" become an electricity with the capacity 2MW. With the good and proven syRead more >>