a. Hopper

b. Conveyor ( Belt & Chain )

c. Rotary Screen ( Culung )

d. Washer

e. Chopper

f. Rasper & / Debarking

g. Connection Screw

h. Extractor

i. Belt Press

j. Screw Press

h. Hydro Cyclone

i. Centrifuge / Dewatering

j. Thermal Oil Heater / TOH ( Gas & Diesel Fuel )

k. Heat Exchanger

l. Driying System

m. Bagging &  Auto Weighing

n. Sieveter / Gravity Screen

o. Pump

p. Boiler

q. GenSet

r. Tanki

s. Unloading Truck,




If you interested to join with our company please send your CV to  :



Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted soon

*  Senior High School ( Electricity, Machine Production ) : additional consideration : with the welding skill, “bubut” etc

* Diploma 3 and or Bachelor Degree ( Tax, Economic, Industrial, Electrician & Telecommunication, Civil, Machine, Agriculture )